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DISCLAIMER: The information on this site does not constitute legal advice. The goal of this website is to educate the consumer on the proxy marriage process. Please consult a lawyer with any legal questions for your individual situation. We do not offer refunds on our proxy marriages.

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The first question we are asked is "Why are your prices so cheap compared to all the other wedding services?" Our answer would be "Why are all the other wedding services so expensive?". As the top rated Wedding Service in the Greater Kansas City area, we at Your Magical Daytm/Kansas Proxy Marriage take our role very seriously. Have you and your loved one been trying to get married for a long time but just keep running into obstacles? We are here to help couples get married who can't be together one way or another. Your beloved might be in the military, incarcerated, in another state or country, hospitalized or unable to get to you at the moment. Regardless of the reason we realize that it is a burden for you and having to go through the steps required to get a proxy marriage adds to that burden because most often it involves the expense of travelling and often the couples who need a proxy marriage the most are the ones who can least afford it. We don't want to add to that burden - our motto has always been that getting married should not cost an arm and a leg - just your hearts.  Kansas is the only state left where Proxy Marriages are legal for couples in all the different situations (incarcerated, foreign country, different states, etc). Kansas proxy marriages are recognized in all states, in all branches of the military and in most countries. You won't find any language in Kansas Statute Law that mentions proxy marriage by name which may make you question its' legality. In fact, you would have to go way back to 1980 to read an opinion by an Attorney General named Robert T. Stephan  written to Judge Sam K. Bruner in which he states the legality of proxy marriage. What makes proxy marriage legal in Kansas is some subtle verbiage that leaves out the requirement that the couple must appear together for the marriage; all other states spell out this stiuplation. This can drive some lawyers from others states or countries insane, trying to research the process, because there just isn't anything concrete. Also, a Proxy Marriage is NOT an Internet Marriage. You might see bad press about internet marriages  conducted and then later being invalidated because of legality issues - proxy marriages are not the same thing. The presence of one party is required here in Kansas both at the courthouse and at the ceremony with us. This requirement is only temporarily being waived due to the COVID emergency - once the number of COVID cases goes down to a safe level this travel restriction will be lifted and then people will be required to travel to Kansas once again for their proxy marriage.

The process of getting a proxy marriage is fast and easy. One of you is required to travel to the state of Kansas. (except during the COVID emergency - all travel is waived at the moment!) You can stay for 4 days or travel twice, depending on what is most convenient for your schedule. The first day you will fill out an application to purchase the marriage license from the Kansas Courthouse.  Kansas has a 3-day waiting period before you can actually pick up the Marriage License. You can stay in the area for those 3 business days or travel back at your convenience to pick it up. Once you pick up the marriage license you will meet with us so we can perform the proxy marriage (you also need to bring the notarized affidavit from your fiance consenting to the marriage); the moment we sign your marriage license your marriage will be legally binding! We will file the license for you and you can return home that same day.  

​WHY get a proxy marriage? Get military benefits, housing and stationed with your military partner! Marry your incarcerated loved one and get the legal rights you didn't have before! Marry your fiancee who lives in another country so you can finally be together! LGBT weddings are legal in Kansas so a proxy marriage will help you if your state or country doesn't permit it! Marry a loved one who is ill/hospitalized or you are unable to get to ........ whatever your circumstance, if you are not able to be together you CAN still get married by proxy. The benefits are numerous - not only for your loved ones and yourself, but there are also benefits to the military to have their men and women supported and uplifted in marriage. The prisons will have the same effect with their inmates being loved and encouraged which gives them purpose. It also saves the prison chaplains a lot of time and being married gives the inmates' families the legal right to visitation which can only help morale and cooperation. A win/win situation for everyone. Foreign Country embassy personnel are saved a lot of paperwork when they don't have to complete an often multi-year long approval process for a marriage so who wouldn't love that? See? Win/Win!

Proxy Marriages are not right for everyone and not legal for everyone. You MUST be in a committed relationship. You must have met each other in real life and spent a decent amount of time together. You should have proof of this, (children, photos, joint financial accounts, property, etc.) Proxy Marriages are not something you can use to temporarily bring someone over from another country so they can get a green card. Criminals think they can use them for illicit purposes and sex trafficking. Scammers try to use them to convince naive people to marry them. Having an internet relationship for several years but never having met in person does NOT count - you must have physically met and spent time with this person.

We have included everything you need to know about the proxy marriage process right here on our website which will save you hours of research. We keep current with the law, contact the courts and meet with immigration lawyers to provide the most updated information we can find. However, our information on this website is not legal advise. If you have any questions about your situation you need to contact an attorney! When you are ready to become our client we require prepayment to send the forms and start the process. We guide you from start to finish. Email us at kansasproxymarriage1@gmail.com for some preliminary information to get started toward your happily ever after.

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